Create budget against categories for your expenses and compare your budget against actual with reports and charts

Sync and Share

Sync your data between your devices and share with your family. Access your data through web interface

Recurring Bill/Income

Enter your recurring bill/income and MoBill will add occurrences automatically. Choose from common type of recurrences such as weekly, motnhly, etc. or from extended types such as every third wednesday of the month

Custom Categories

Add your own categories as many as you want

Reports and Charts

View and analyse your finance in detail with reports and charts, email reports or save into csv format to open with spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc

Multiple Account/Currency

Track your checkbooks in seperate accounts with seperate currency.


Take a backup of your database into your device or into your Dropbox account directly. Send your transactions into your Google Calendar

And More

And many more features that will help you to control your money better. Please look at Help for detailed explanations